• Бъдещето на дигиталното сканиране може да се види в 3М дигиталния обмен

    октомври 05, 2015
    • ST. PAUL, Minn. – (October 5, 2015) – When Dr. Jan Güth fires up his 3M™ True Definition Scanner to scan a patient, it’s no longer just a digital impression to make a crown, it’s also a digital record to aid in patient communication and treatment planning to improve outcomes. At the same time, Dr. Rick Fritz utilizes digital scan data as part of his orthodontic treatment plan to treat his patients more efficiently and effectively. Since the advent of the device, digital oral scanners have progressed beyond a tool for crown and bridge work; they’ve begun to change the way dentists practice and are fueling a new breed of digital dentistry. It’s this spirit of innovation that was celebrated at the 2015 3M Digital Exchange event in St. Paul, Minn. on October 1 and 2, and what keeps 3M Oral Care driving into the future of dentistry.

      The 3M Digital Exchange brought together world-class dentists and orthodontists to discuss the latest trends in digital oral care. The event began with a keynote address focusing on the future of intertwining technologies, design and behaviors that will shape the way we interact. Dr. John Kois, Director of the Kois Center, discussed the recently announced collaboration with 3M Oral Care, and how its intraoral scanner will play a critical role in the comprehensive oral health exam of the future. Dr. Kois challenged the audience to think of the intraoral scanner as a ‘computer aided decision’ tool, not simply a process automation tool. Throughout the two-day event, attendees had the opportunity to listen to other industry experts discuss the latest uses and advancements in digital technology – including digital workflows for orthodontists, utilizing social media to grow a practice, open architecture and more. The presentations provided insight into the innovations happening at 3M and in the industry as a whole, and gave a look into how today’s advancements are offering doctors creative solutions to stay on the forefront of trends.

      “We feel fortunate to have such a talented, engaged, and insightful group of clinicians as our partners,” said Dan McMaster, global business director at 3M Oral Care. “As they continue to show us the breadth of capability of these digital tools, and as we work with them to make the process easier, more affordable, and more reliable, the future crystallizes significantly. It’s nice to see the technology moving from the early adopters to the mainstream dentist.”

      “It’s amazing how far scanners have come in just the last few years, and events like this show us where this technology can go,” said Dr. Daniel Poticny. “Over the past two days I’ve seen how my peers are increasing treatment acceptance and growing their practices through the use of intraoral scanning technology. It’s inspiring.”

      To learn more about the 3M True Definition Scanner, visit 3M.com/TrueDef.

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