3M™ Polishing Film 598X, .5 Micron PSA Disc, 5 in x NH Die# 500X, 50 per inner 500 per case

  • 3M ID 60020013698
  • UPC 50051111701336

Better control of fiber protrusion

Improved throughout

Fewer rejects

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  • Better control of fiber protrusion
  • Improved throughout
  • Fewer rejects
  • Elimination of slurry clean-up
  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs

Achieve clean, consistent MT fibre optic polishing results, with 3M™ Polishing Film 598X. Our film with PSA backing is made of micron graded cerium oxide mineral on a fibrous (flocked) polyester backing. It’s designed to offer a faster process, breaking down into a slurry when used with water, for fewer rejects and no slurry clean-up.

"Get a cleaner, more consistent finish when MT fibre optic connector polishing, using 3M™ Polishing Film 598X. Our orange film features micron graded cerium oxide mineral coated onto a fibrous (flocked) PSA polyester film backing – perfect for when flock products are needed. Our film breaks down into a slurry during use with water. It helps you work more efficiently with fewer rejects and no slurry clean-up. It offers more control of fibre protrusion, to help meet geometry and fibre optic height requirements. Use of our film helps to reduce your equipment maintenance costs. It’s perfect for use on a variety of substrates, including hard metals, ceramics, optical substrates, metal, silicon carbides, plastic and glass. Available in discs."



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