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3M™ Hot Melt Applicator Quadrack™, EC, Europe 220V

3M ID 62968099515UPC 048011581576
  • Variable temperature control allows one applicator to do many jobs
  • Delivers up to 5.5 pounds of 3M adhesive per hour on demand
  • Palm trigger helps improve operator comfort in high demand applications
  • Innovative feed mechanism minimizes dripping
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Attribute Name
Automotive, Construction, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Furniture, General Industrial, Military and Government, Packaging, Retail, Signage, Specialty Vehicle, Transportation, Woodworking
Output (lbs per hour)
3.6 - 5.5
Product Form
Solids Weight Percent (Approximate)
100 Percent
Product Details
  • Variable temperature control allows one applicator to do many jobs
  • Delivers up to 5.5 pounds of 3M adhesive per hour on demand
  • Palm trigger helps improve operator comfort in high demand applications
  • Innovative feed mechanism minimizes dripping
  • Stroke adjuster enables precise deposit of adhesive
  • Designed for comfort and ergonomics in mind

We developed the 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt Applicator EC as a versatile applicator that can dispense hot melt adhesives with different melting points. This variable temperature applicator uses electric heat to melt, and a comfortable palm grip to help you drive the adhesive smoothly and evenly and keep various production processes moving.

Designed to be a simple, reliable tool for dispensing 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt Quadrack™ Adhesives, our applicator is an ideal solution for assembling joining, attaching, securing, repairing, panel bonding and structural bonding. The unique variable temperature control features five changeable modules that produce temperatures ranging from 260ºF - 450ºF/ 127ºC - 232ºC. Each module maintains a specified temperature to meet the melting point for different adhesives in the line. The applicator comes with a 0.093" tip that meets a wide variety of needs. Our 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Applicator EC is one applicator that meets many needs. For jobs on the go, you can use the same applicator for different tasks. In production and assembly operations, you can standardize each applicator yet fulfill a range of needs. For wood, glass, paper based products, plastics, epoxy board, light gauge metals and many other materials; this is the one tool that delivers adhesive to bond similar and dissimilar components using a comfortable, durable design. It is self-contained and sports a comfortable palm grip for an easily controlled and precise means of manual application. Applications include: Woodworking Furniture Automotive Transportation Aerospace General industrial Upholstery Point of purchase display Sample boards Military Window, door, building Trophies Novelties Audio components Cabinets Construction Packaging Electronics What is Hot Melt? Hot-melt adhesive applicators, commonly called “glue guns” are tools used to apply liquefied thermoplastic adhesives and are available in low and high-temperature versions. Low-temperature adhesive applicators operate at approximately 250ºF/ 121ºC and are beneficial when bonding heat sensitive materials such as electronics, plastics, and cloth. High-temperature applicators operate at a minimal temperature of approximately 380ºF/ 193ºC. The applicator creates a flow of adhesive when a solidified adhesive stick is fed into the heat chamber, where it is melted using a fixed-temperature heating element. The molten adhesive is then extruded through a nozzle by either pneumatic pressure, a mechanical trigger mechanism, or with pressure applied directly on the stick. Nozzles can be changed to dispense adhesive in a manner that meets various requirements; from a thin, wide strip for carton sealing, to a narrow, thicker bead for bonding wood, composites, or metal. Nozzles are typically metal and become extremely hot during use, which can quickly burn skin. Once dispensed from the applicator, the adhesive generally sets quickly, in most cases just a few seconds. Hot-melt applicators are widely used in industry, crafts, home, and work with materials ranging from paper and lace to wood and some metals.

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